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Countdown to IBC 2023 by Kitplus

On August 31st KITPLUS is streaming a LIVE show packed with IBC exhibitors. Whether you are attending IBC in person or not, this show will give you an exclusive insight in to the latest updates, industry news and the new technology about to be released.

Schedule (UK time)

09:00:00 IBC - Steve or Mike IBC
09:05:00 ivy lee telycam
09:10:00 Petra Sargent Dot Group
09:15:00 Neil Blake axle ai
09:20:00 Raj Patel Mediaproxy Pty Ltd
09:25:00 Oscar Robinson Emotion Systems
09:30:00 Liz Cox Marquis Broadcast
09:35:00 Dan McQuillin Broadcast Bionics
09:40:00 Rory Linehan Planetcast Media Services
09:45:00 Johan Bergström Codemill
09:50:00 Peter Blatchford Starfish Technologies
09:55:00 Charlotte Latham CueScript
10:00:00 SSL part 1
10:05:00 Vinayak Shrivastav- CEO at Magnifi Magnifi
10:10:00 Georgiana Verdonk Caton Technology
10:15:00 Kjetil Horneland Ease Live
10:20:00 James Cranfield Cinedeck
10:25:00 Stephen Tallamy EditShare
10:30:00 Adam Leah nxtedition
10:35:00 Barry Grubb 3LR Lighting
10:40:00 Michel Bais Vislink
10:45:00 Michael Lantz Accedo
10:50:00 Chris Smeeton Argosy
10:55:00 Judy Zuo Kiloview
11:00:00 IBC Show 1
11:15:00 Miguel Churruca Brainstorm
11:20:00 Yaroslav Korniyets Cinegy
11:25:00 Lelde Ardava Veset
11:30:00 Sergio Grce iSIZE Technologies
11:35:00 Julien Gachot Embrace
11:40:00 Ivanka Vassileva Profuz Digital
11:45:00 Eamon Dowdall Gravity Media
11:50:00 Freddy Vinehill-Cliff NUGEN Audio
11:55:00 Ronen Artman LiveU
12:00:00 SSL part 2
12:10:00 Anne-Louise Buick Telestream
12:15:00 Tim Burton 7fivefive
12:20:00 Craig Buckland Broadcast Traffic Systems
12:25:00 Masanori Ishikawa Libec
12:30:00 Petrus Palola hi human interface a product of Broadcast Solutions Group
12:35:00 Murray Barker Appear
12:40:00 Carl Furgusson MediaKind
12:45:00 Martin Mulligan PHABRIX
12:50:00 Per Lindgren Net Insight
12:55:00 Kevin Salvidge Leader Europe
13:00:00 SHE TALKS
14:00:00 Daniel Lundstedt Intinor
14:05:00 Kieran Kunhya Open Broadcast Systems
14:10:00 Ola Malmgren BST Devices
14:15:00 Marc Wilson Glensound
14:20:00 Russell Johnson Hitomi Broadcast
14:25:00 Azhar Uddin The Switch
14:30:00 John Hickey Black Box
14:35:00 Paul Calleja GlobalM
14:40:00 Gilles Richard Witbe
14:45:00 Medhat Ali VM Cloud
14:50:00 Rob Adams TSL
14:55:00 John Sparrow ClearCom
15:00:00 Fabio Varolo FOR-A
15:05:00 Mark Birchall Tradefair
15:10:00 Paul Richards PTZOptics
15:15:00 Jeremy Miller Dejero
15:20:00 Abhijit Dey Perifery
15:25:00 James Gilbert Rohde & Schwarz
15:30:00 IBC Show 2
15:45:00 Geoff Stedman SDVI Corporation
15:50:00 Steve Reynolds Imagine Communications
15:55:00 Ben Tatta Operative
16:00:00 Paul Scurrell Atomos Limited
16:05:00 David Kaszycki Beam Dynamics
16:10:00 Gary Rosen Pliant Technologies
16:15:00 Gordon Kapes Studio Technologies
16:20:00 Yang Cai VisualOn
16:25:00 Spencer Doran MarCam Europe / Marshall
16:30:00 SSL part 3
16:35:00 Tim Godby Bolin Technology
16:40:00 Angus Mackay Matrox Video
16:45:00 Jesse Foster MultiDyne
16:50:00 Penny Westlake Interra Systems Inc
16:55:00 Geoff Gordon MainConcept
17:00:00 Mike Nann Magewell
17:05:00 John Henkel NETGEAR AV
17:10:00 Blair Harrison Frequency
17:15:00 Lisa Aussieker Qwilt
17:20:00 Keith Buckley Xytech
17:25:00 Dr Ciro Noronha The RIST Forum
17:30:00 Robert Nicholas SipRadius
17:35:00 Hector Garcia Evergent
17:40:00 Rick Young LTN
17:45:00 Eric Black Edgio
17:50 IBC closing - Mark

Countdown to IBC 2023

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