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High quality, reliable and affordabble Live streaming, 24/7 streaming, VOD services

No hardware or software to install
No subscription required
Instantly stream to any connected screen in the world
Import your existing content from most platforms
Or just save money from your current OVP data overage

iReplay.TV specializes in creating and managing the first fully cloud-based, all-in-one OTT solution for:
Pay-per-view online events or TV channels
Virtual channels/FAST channels
Paid podcast subscriptions

TV technology has advanced greatly, however, the methods used to transmit content have not kept pace. iReplay offers a cutting-edge solution by providing a fully cloud-based platform for Linear, Personalized, and On-Demand OTT Services. Using iReplay, simply upload your content to our web interface, select your distribution and scheduling preferences, and we will handle the encoding and streaming to any device worldwide, with the fastest time-to-market and lowest TCO in the industry.

Manage a 24/7 TV channel from your tablet or smartphone

Reliable, High-Quality Streaming

Multiscreen Adaptive Bitrate (Actual 24x7 Customer Channels Playback)

Cars and Roads TV - Brands (https://ireplay.tv/carsandroads/brands.m3u8)

Professional services
with 20+ years of experience

iReplay.tv offers access to streaming experts who are available on-demand, 24/7, to assist with live streaming events, VOD2Live channels, paid podcast subscriptions, provide emergency plans when required. In contrast to a general use of offshore level 1 support with prewritten answers and limited availability of better support during non-office hours, iReplay.tv's experts are available to everyone at any time, including during free trials. They can provide advice on equipment recommendations, transcoding optimizations, assistance for content automation creation, live monitoring, and both client-side and server-side custom software development. With over 20 years of experience in streaming, iReplay.tv's experts can provide assistance with anything related to streaming, no matter if you stream from Antarctica or easier locations to stream from

No subscription plan.
Pay as you go, pay as you grow

Live streaming events are typically a one-time occurrence that may be, if successful, repeated with varying frequencies. It can be difficult to predict how often these events will take place, making it challenging to choose the right subscription plan, which will then require cancellation before the next billing cycle. At iReplay.tv, we offer a simple and straightforward pricing model. You are only charged per minute of usage, and our pricing is always lower than other online video providers that rely on external technical solutions, no matter for plans limits or data overage. This pricing model applies to all other services, including VOD, VOD2Live, and paid podcast subscriptions, ensuring that you only pay for what you use and never more. We believe in transparent and fair pricing, so you can focus on delivering successful live streaming events without worrying about hidden fees or complex pricing options.

All the features you need
for a reliable playback

iReplay.tv has got you covered with all the necessary features to make your live streaming experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We support a range of input options, including RTMP, SRT, and modern HLS, H264/AVC and HEVC, and offer adaptive bitrate HTTP streaming for optimal viewing on different devices. With features like timeshifting, Cloud DVR, and rewind, you can make sure your audience doesn't miss a moment. Our platform also offers failover and failsafe stream by default, ensuring your stream continues without interruption in case of any issues. We prioritize device compatibility and follow official HTTP Streaming recommendations, so you can rest assured that your stream is compatible with as many devices as possible. You won't need to choose additional options or make a new order to achieve maximum compatibility because our platform offers everything right out of the box for every customer.

TV Channel(s) managed from
a browser or smartphone

iReplay.TV's user-friendly web interface enables you to quickly and easily create a 24/7 TV channel mixing your VOD and live content and broadcast it to viewers around the world. With 'Jukebox TV', let your audience (or customers in a public place such as a bar) choose the next music video of your Music TV channel. With 'influencers TV', provide access to influencers so they can create their own TV channel from your content and share it with their followers. With 'Coop TV', create TV channels in cooperation with content creators. With this solution, any content that is broadcasted can be accessed for start-over, catch-up, and replay immediately.

Best video producers for live streaming in Ashburn, Virginia, United States

iReplay.tv collaborates with local video production companies to enable a faster start-up process, so any free trial user can find video professionals around easily.

Public live streaming, social media platform previews and restreaming, continuous 24x7 TV channel streaming using cloud playout, integration of various payment methods with Paygate, scheduled Live, Live and VOD archiving, Music TV channels for public places, low-latency streaming, failover/failsafe streaming - all of iReplay.TV's prominent features are verified and endorsed by recommended experts in our directory.

Real time payments
on your bank account

With our paywall solution, you not only get the best delivery solution that scales in real-time based on buyers' location, but you also have access to real-time payments for one-time event tickets or subscriptions. You can receive payments directly on your Stripe or PayPal account (with no commission to iReplay.tv), as well as through your cryptowallet.

Versatile multi-functional
Play out system

Effortlessly Create 24/7 TV Channels with an automatic weighted random schedules from existing video or audio assets. Generate sub or thematic channels with tag-based playouts. Stay organized with touch-friendly UI and pinch-to-zoom features on mobile devices. Seamless external API connection is available for existing play out.

Token-based security

A stream can only be shared if you allow sharing it. With a token-based system on every single stream, it’s much easier to track an individual ticket holder or subscriber use than any simple general purpose protection such as geolocation (that can be circumvented by VPNs) or DRM (that can be circumvented by HDCP strippers).

No migration required

If you prefer to keep your current online video provider for the time being, you can still take advantage of iReplay.tv's features by rebroadcasting your existing output(s) to test our platform's capabilities. By doing so, you can save money while enjoying additional features that enhance the reliability of your live streams. You can even create a 24/7 TV channel using your existing content catalog. When you're ready to fully migrate your content to our platform, we offer migration tools to make the process seamless and transparent for you.

Personalized, Addressable TV, by yourself, associations of content creators, influencers or even viewers

Jukebox TV - Create your own music TV channels or let your viewers personalize it

Global delivery
Internal and External CDN+P2P

iReplay.tv's delivery infrastructure, based on a robust internal and intelligent CDN, as well as a multi-CDN approach on demand, enables you to reach a large global audience from the start, at a more affordable price than traditional CDNs. This includes regions where high-speed network interconnects are lacking, thanks to our exclusive CDN+P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology.

Comprehensive device support

iReplay.tv's codecs and protocols are based on the latest industry standards, and support all types of connected screens, including Apple TV, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Android TV, and other set top boxes/game consoles, both on web platforms and in native applications.

Content personalisation

By providing a-la-carte 24x7 Music TV channels since February 2016 on DJing TV Channels, iReplay.Tv has acquired an unrivalled experience in personalised TV with live manifest manipulation.

Content Creation Automation

By using After Effects templates, easily create automatic video content from any data such as text, image, audio, video, RSS feeds, API requests

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trusted by Arte for low-latency live streaming
trusted by DJing for VOD2Live, very high quality live streaming, Jukebox TV, private podcasts, paygate, iOS, iPadOS apps
trusted by CNRS for 'Antarctica to World' Live Streaming
trusted by Velocix for consulting and ops services
trusted by Thomson Video Networks/Harmonic for OTT/cloud training

A portion of iReplay.TV's revenues, specifically 1%, is being allocated towards funding research and providing assistance for children's cancer treatment at Gustave Roussy Institute
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