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Manipulación de manifiesto en tiempo real: canales generados por el usuario o canales de TV completamente personalizados

Worldwide Charts: choose the next song - on-the- fly manifest manipulation live example

You can choose the next song in the following 24x7 music channel, by simply clicking the button below the current schedule or scan the QRCode on your smartphone. You will be able to pick content to be broadcasted next.

Choose the next song

HTTP Streaming Manifest manipulation: what are the most common use cases?

HTTP Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) is a widely used technology for delivering video content over the internet. ABR enables the player to adjust the quality of the video stream based on the viewer's available bandwidth, ensuring smooth playback without buffering or interruptions. However, sometimes the default ABR manifest may not work well for certain scenarios, such as changing network conditions or targeting specific devices. This is the most famous use of HTTP Streaming Manifest manipulation

HTTP Streaming Manifest manipulation is the process of modifying the ABR manifest to achieve specific objectives, such as enhancing the video quality, reducing latency, or targeting a specific device or platform. By manipulating the manifest, you can customize the ABR algorithm to optimize the streaming experience for your specific use case.

There are several types of HTTP Streaming Manifest manipulation techniques that you can use, depending on your objectives:

Bandwidth manipulation: This technique involves modifying the ABR manifest to adjust the bitrates and resolutions of the video streams based on the viewer's available bandwidth. By reducing the bitrate, you can minimize buffering and ensure smooth playback.

Latency manipulation: This technique involves reducing the delay between the live event and the viewer's playback. By manipulating the ABR manifest, you can adjust the segment duration and buffer size to reduce the latency.

Device-specific manipulation: This technique involves customizing the ABR manifest to target specific devices or platforms. By detecting the viewer's device or platform, you can modify the manifest to optimize the streaming experience for that device.

Quality manipulation: This technique involves enhancing the video quality by adjusting the bitrates and resolutions of the video streams. By increasing the bitrate and resolution, you can improve the video quality, but it may also increase the buffering.

HTTP Streaming Manifest manipulation can be done manually or through automation tools. Many streaming platforms provide APIs and tools for manifest manipulation, making it easier for developers to customize the ABR algorithm.

Can manifest manipulation be used to personalize, and edit dynamically the play out of an HTTP Streaming TV channel?

Manifest manipulation can potentially be used to personalize and dynamically edit the play out of a linear TV channel, although it would depend on the specific technology and infrastructure being used for the linear TV channel.

In order to personalize and dynamically edit the play out of a linear TV channel using manifest manipulation, you would need to have a system in place that allows you to modify the ABR manifest in real-time. This would require a high degree of control over the encoding and delivery infrastructure, as well as sophisticated algorithms for analyzing viewer data and dynamically modifying the manifest.

iReplay.TV has been doing manifest manipulation since 2012 and the first personalized music TV channels prototypes and now just anyone can try it in the demo above.

be the dj - ABR http streaming manifest manipulation example
Anyone can be a DJ with Jukebox Music TV channels

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