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Free HLS streams to test video streaming players, websites, and apps #1 Blender Open Movies TV Channel

You can add this test stream to your website listing examples of HLS streams as long as you also provide a 'do follow' link either to this webpage or https://ireplay.tv

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is a popular streaming protocol used for delivering live and on-demand video content over the internet. It is widely used by various video platforms and services, including Apple's iOS devices, Roku, and many others. If you are looking to test your HLS stream or simply want to experience HLS streaming for yourself, Blender Open Movies offers a free HLS sample stream that you can use.

https://ireplay.tv/test/blender.m3u8 (Copy URL) fmp4 HLS failover test stream

Blender Open Movies (https://studio.blender.org/films/) is a project that produces short films made with Blender, a free and open-source 3D creation software. The project has released several short films over the years, and its website offers some video assets for test purposes.

Blender Open Movies is a project that produces short films using Blender, a free and open-source 3D creation software. Over the years, the project has released several short films, each showcasing the capabilities of Blender and providing valuable resources for the Blender community. Here is a list of some of the most popular Blender Open Movies:

Elephant's Dream (2006) - This was the first Blender Open Movie, directed by Bassam Kurdali. The film follows the story of Emo and Proog, two characters who explore a strange and surreal world.

Big Buck Bunny (2008) - Directed by Sacha Goedegebure, Big Buck Bunny is a story about a giant rabbit seeking revenge on three small woodland creatures who have been bullying him.

Sintel (2010) - Directed by Colin Levy, Sintel is a fantasy adventure story about a young girl on a quest to find a dragon that she raised from an egg. The film showcases some of Blender's advanced features, such as fluid simulations and particle systems.

Tears of Steel (2012) - Directed by Ian Hubert, Tears of Steel is a science fiction story about a group of soldiers who try to save the world from an alien invasion. The film features advanced visual effects and compositing techniques, all done using Blender.

Cosmos Laundromat (2015) - Directed by Mathieu Auvray, Cosmos Laundromat is a surreal and humorous story about a sheep who dreams of flying. The film features some of Blender's newest features, such as the Cycles rendering engine and the Blender Institute's cloud computing system.

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop (2017) - Directed by Colin Levy, Agent 327: Operation Barbershop is a spy thriller story about a secret agent trying to stop an evil organization from taking over the world. The film showcases Blender's capabilities in creating realistic characters and environments.

HLS HTTP live streaming continuous TV channel test stream

iReplay.TV built a 24x7 TV channel, for you to test your HLS player, HLS website or HLS app with this source material, kept in its original framerates. To access the HLS sample stream, you need to use the following URL: https://ireplay.tv/test/blender.m3u8 (Copy URL). This URL will provide you with a sample HLS stream that you can use to test your HLS streaming capabilities.

To use this sample stream, you will need an HLS player. There are many free and open-source HLS players available on the internet that you can use. Some popular options include hls.js, and Shaka Player. Simply copy and paste the Blender Open Movies HLS stream URL into your chosen player, and you should be able to start streaming the content.

Using this sample stream, you can test your HLS streaming capabilities and see how well your internet connection can handle HLS streams. You can also use this sample stream to test various HLS player features, such as playback quality, buffering, and more.

We plan to add some other copyright-free or creative commons HLS test streams on this blog in the future. All of them will use the multi-CDN HLS failover feature.

Free HLS streams to test video streaming players, websites and apps

Discover how easy it is to create a failover test stream like this one, or even a fully-fledged 24/7 HLS TV channel, in just a few minutes of work

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