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What is MSE?

MSE stands for Media Source Extensions. It is an HTML5 specification that enables web browsers to stream media content, such as audio and video, directly through JavaScript using a Media Source API. MSE provides a programming interface that allows developers to dynamically manipulate and control media streams within a web page, facilitating custom streaming experiences.

Here are some key aspects of MSE:

1. Dynamic Media Streaming: MSE allows developers to create custom streaming experiences by dynamically handling and manipulating media streams in real-time. It enables the creation of adaptive bitrate streaming, time-shifting (such as seeking and playback control), custom buffering strategies, and seamless media switching.

2. Media Source API: MSE introduces the Media Source API, which provides JavaScript methods and events for interacting with media streams. Developers can use the API to append media data, set time ranges, control playback, handle buffering, and manage various aspects of media streaming.

3. Codec Agnostic: MSE is codec agnostic, meaning it supports a wide range of audio and video codecs. This flexibility allows developers to stream media content encoded in different formats, such as H.264, VP9, AAC, or Opus, based on browser and platform support.

4. Custom Streaming Protocols: MSE enables the implementation of custom streaming protocols or adaptive streaming techniques by providing direct control over the media stream. This allows developers to create innovative streaming solutions beyond traditional HTTP-based streaming protocols like HLS or DASH.

5. Browser Support: MSE is supported by major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. However, codec and format support may vary across browsers, so developers need to consider the compatibility and limitations of specific codecs and browser versions.

MSE has been instrumental in enabling advanced streaming features on the web, empowering developers to create interactive and customized media streaming experiences directly in the browser without relying on third-party plugins or players. It has played a significant role in the growth and adoption of HTML5-based streaming solutions.

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