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What is an encoding profile?

An encoding profile, in the context of video encoding, refers to a set of parameters and settings that define how a video file is compressed and encoded. These profiles determine the quality, efficiency, and compatibility of the encoded video. They define the specific encoding techniques, algorithms, and configurations used during the compression process.

Different encoding profiles have varying levels of complexity and features. They are designed to meet specific requirements, such as optimizing video quality, reducing file size, or ensuring compatibility with different devices and platforms. The choice of encoding profile depends on factors like the target audience, streaming platform, available bandwidth, and desired trade-offs between video quality and file size.

Common encoding profiles include Main Profile and High Profile in H.264 (also known as AVC) video compression. Main Profile is a widely supported baseline profile, while High Profile offers advanced features and improved video quality. Other video codecs, such as HEVC (H.265) or VP9, also have their own encoding profiles with specific characteristics.

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Video streaming definitions

Video streaming definitions

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