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What is SSAI?

SSAI stands for Server-Side Ad Insertion. It is a technique used in streaming to seamlessly insert targeted advertisements into the video content at the server side, rather than at the client or viewer side. SSAI enables a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience by seamlessly integrating ads into the streaming video.

Here's how SSAI works:

1. Content Segmentation: The original video content is divided into segments or chunks, typically aligned with the existing keyframes or scene changes. These segments are used as the base content for SSAI.

2. Ad Decision and Ad Stitching: When a viewer requests the video content, the streaming server intercepts the request and determines whether an ad needs to be inserted based on predefined rules and targeting criteria. Ad decisioning algorithms, often powered by real-time data, determine which ad to insert. Once the ad is selected, it is stitched or merged with the base content to create a seamless video stream.

3. Ad Insertion and Delivery: The server delivers the combined stream, which includes the original content segments interspersed with the ad segments. The ads are seamlessly inserted at designated points, such as natural breaks or pre-defined ad slots within the video.

4. Dynamic Ad Targeting: SSAI allows for dynamic ad targeting, where different viewers can receive different ads based on factors like geographic location, demographics, viewing history, or user preferences. This personalized targeting enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the advertisements.

5. Ad Reporting and Analytics: SSAI provides metrics and analytics to track ad impressions, viewability, click-through rates, and other relevant data. This helps advertisers and content providers measure the performance and effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

SSAI offers several advantages over client-side ad insertion (CSAI), where ads are inserted by the client device or media player:

- Seamless User Experience: SSAI ensures a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience by eliminating buffering or loading delays associated with traditional ad loading.

- Content Protection: By inserting ads at the server side, the original content remains protected, as ad blockers or client-side manipulations cannot easily bypass the ad insertion process.

- Monetization and Revenue: SSAI enables more effective ad monetization by providing targeted and relevant advertisements to viewers, enhancing the value of ad inventory for advertisers and generating revenue for content providers.

- Ad Blocking Mitigation: SSAI helps mitigate the impact of ad blockers, as ad blockers typically target client-side ad insertion methods. By inserting ads at the server side, ad blocking software is less effective.

SSAI is widely used by streaming platforms, content providers, and broadcasters to deliver targeted advertisements seamlessly within the streaming video content, enhancing the viewing experience and improving ad monetization capabilities.

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