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Add Google Analytics Real Time to any (live) stream for performance analysis

Utilize Google Analytics to instantly determine the real-time video resolution experienced by your audience on any device

iReplay.tv offers real-time insights into the performance of your live streams, ensuring high video quality and playback reliability for your viewers. By integrating Google Analytics events with personalized 'performance' parameters, iReplay.tv allows you to gather valuable information about the video resolution experienced by your viewers, along with their geographic data. Regardless of the device they are using, iReplay.tv provides instant insights right from the first seconds of video loading.

To get started, simply input your measurement ID into the back office interface once, enabling continuous tracking of all future streaming events. This seamless integration allows you to receive Google Analytics events in real-time or for each video segment loaded. Leveraging this data, we can optimize your content delivery strategy by manipulating manifests for POP (Point of Presence) selection, optimizing caching techniques, selecting appropriate codecs, and prioritizing resolution orders. Additionally, you can enhance delivery by adding more POPs in specific locations and implementing failover mechanisms or even P2P (Peer to Peer) solutions.

Add Google Analytics Real Time to any live stream for performance analysis

iReplay.tv's comprehensive solution empowers you to fine-tune your live streaming performance, elevate video quality, and ensure reliable playback, resulting in an enhanced viewing experience for your audience.

Use HLS repeater feature on ireplay.tv for your existing streams from your current online video provider

HLS repeater is available for any existing stream whether it be a live stream or VOD. By using this feature on top of your existing online video provider, you get 3 additional benefits

Redundancy is obviously the first benefit of HLS repeater to get redundancy for your streams.

Cost reduction is also directly available as you can choose to set iReplay as your primary stream (as it is cheaper than other online providers, at USD0.001 per minute), or set it as a secondary source (to get the other benefits below only)

Google Analytics (including real time analytics) If you are already familiar with Google Analytics, you can view the statistics of your live stream directly within the familiar interface, and have access to real-time reporting.

DVR / catch-up Some online video providers still don't include this essential feature to maximize your audience, and require an additional subscription. It allows viewers to start watching the stream from the beginning even after the live event has ended (any user can start from the beginning, but the event is also available as a VOD asset immediately after the end of the event on the same URL)

How to get the m3u8 manifest URL from a live stream?

Any online video provider (OVP) is supposed to provide an m3u8 URL so you can add your streams to any app (connected TV, mobile devices). Nevertheless, some of them require to pay more to get access to this URL.

If you don't get it from your OVP, to get the m3u8 manifest URL from any stream, you can use a program or tool that can inspect the network requests being made by the player or the website hosting the live stream. Some examples include:

  • The browser's developer tools (e.g. "Network" tab in Chrome DevTools)
  • A browser extension like "Stream Detector" for Chrome or Firefox
  • A command-line tool like "curl" or "wget"

Once you have access to the network requests, you should look for a request to a URL that ends (or contains) in "m3u8". This is the manifest file that contains information about the individual segments of the stream and can be used to play the stream using a compatible player.

Some live streams are protected and require a specific token to access the stream, in that case, you will need the token to access the m3u8 manifest URL.

Create now your HLS repeater stream to get real-time Google analytics for your live or VOD streams

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Last modified: August 7th, 2023

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