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What are VOD2Live and AOD2Live, and how can I use them?

What is VOD2Live?

VOD2Live refers to the process of converting pre-recorded video content, such as a movie, TV show, or webinar, into a live stream or broadcast. This allows viewers to watch the pre-recorded content in real-time, as if it were being streamed live.

VOD2Live is often used as a way to make pre-recorded content feel more interactive and engaging, by adding the element of live interaction and the ability to chat with other viewers in real-time. This can be useful for various scenarios, such as when a broadcaster wants to schedule a live event but doesn't have enough new content to fill the entire time slot, or when an organization wants to repurpose existing video content for a live streaming event. This has become famous with YouTube premiere or Watch together initiatives.

The exact process of VOD2Live can vary depending on the specific technology being used. In some cases, it may involve simply playing a pre-recorded video at a set time and broadcasting it to viewers in real time. In other cases, more advanced technology may be used to add interactive features, such as live chat or real-time polling, to enhance the viewing experience.

What is AOD2Live?

AOD2Live may be a service or product that allows users to convert pre-recorded audio content into a live stream or broadcast.

This could be useful for various scenarios, such as creating radio stations easily from audio assets, when a radio station wants to transition from playing pre-recorded content to a live show, or when a podcast wants to engage with its audience in real time.

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